Emergency Call Taking, Dispatch, and Records Management

When a call comes into an emergency dispatch center, location accuracy can be the deciding factor between life and death. Real-time, smart GIS maps improve call routing so that police, fire, and EMS crews can get to those in need fast—and with complete situational awareness.


Safeguarding communities with location accuracy

In need of a 9-1-1 addressing system that made it easier for departments and the public to align, access, and share spatial information, Sussex County upgraded to Esri off-the-shelf GIS software. Now, decision-makers are empowered with smart maps that display accurate, real-time data when they need it most.

Next generation 9-1-1

Validate callers' locations and route calls to the right Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).

Computer-aided dispatch

Bolster CAD systems with GIS to quickly assign the right resources, route first responders, and manage cases.

Records management systems

Transform incident data into geospatial intelligence for real-time response, situational awareness, and analysis.

Information sharing and collaboration

Manage large volumes of information across systems, departments, and jurisdictions.

Specialized apps

Address management maps

Manage road centerlines, site addresses, facilities, and mailing addresses. Aggregate this information from authoritative sources for use by state and regional agencies.

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Situational awareness apps

Place geographic data at the center of maintaining situational awareness in preparation for and during an event.

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Cell phone analysis map

Analyze cell tower information and call detail records acquired from wireless service providers. Identify the frequency of calls on any given tower and sector.

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Esri partners offer specialized solutions built on ArcGIS to solve your real-world challenges.

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