Market Planning and Site Selection

In retail, speed is everything. Retailers need to quickly assess market conditions for proposed and existing stores. Advanced mapping and spatial analytics in ArcGIS software empower retailers to use real-time data to make informed site selection and market planning decisions. Quickly forecast store performance to seize opportunities before they are lost.


Lululemon Simplifies, Speeds Site Selection

This growing activewear company is expanding into smaller, secondary trade areas. To select sites that will be most successful, staff in the office and field rely on easy-to-use maps and demographic data. Real estate managers create compelling profiles of the best potential locations to seize opportunities.

Market Research and Analysis

Combine demographic and geographic data with spatial analysis for precise market planning.

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Use segmented data on lifestyle and buying choices to reach your best customers and identify underserved markets.

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Specialized Apps and Data

Esri Demographics

Understand population characteristics in specific locations.

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ArcGIS Business Analyst

Create insightful reports with detailed data and analytics.

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