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Charlotte, North Carolina

Case Study

Smart Open Data Powers Charlotte

A National Model for Smart Cities

In 2013, Charlotte City Manager Ron Carlee identified community engagement as a critical driver for the city to become a destination community where people want to live, work, and play. A new, smart city vision was born—one where engagement and collaboration center on open data technology and policy for the common good of Charlotte.

“The real role of government is to create a community that residents, visitors, and business people find to be a great place to live, work, and play.”

– Hyong Yi, Assistant City Manager of the City of Charlotte

The city's foray into growing an open, smart city ecosystem started with the foundation of Open Charlotte, an open data portal that accommodates all operational data—both spatial and nonspatial. Open Charlotte supports the data needs of the city's departments and businesses, as well as the Code for Charlotte Brigade, a unique group of citizens, designers, and developers who use technology to help solve civic and social problems.

Today, Charlotte's smart community initiatives include an open data policy that sustains current and future efforts and a Smart City Cabinet program. Through the program, staff are pioneering the use of data, analytics, and business intelligence technology to make better data-driven decisions.



Coordinated Construction

In an effort to ease traffic, the city pooled its open data via GeoHub to create Street Wize, an web app that maps construction and permit activities.

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Esri's online-based approach to GIS fosters collaboration and innovation

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